Rajasthan is a land of great kings, palaces, and forts and of course, land of desert. Tour to Rajasthan is a great insight into the colorful past of India still having its mesmerizing reflection ever standing monuments, rippling sand dunes and its culture. Our Rajasthan Travel Packages will replete your memories with unusual mistiness about its people, culture, customs, costumes, cuisines, dialects and its folk music. Tour to Rajasthan in India offers unparalleled travel gratification.

On tour to Rajasthan, India you can visit myriad monuments in every city. Temples, forts and palaces standing amidst the desert tell a story their own about valor, romance, charm and testimony to turbulent past. Every palace, fort has ballads and legends attached to that. Innumerable temples dating back to the 7th century still survive amidst scattered ruins. All the cities in Rajasthan have its own set of forts and places to boast of.

You can smell rich traditions and cultures in the air of Rajasthan. People of Rajasthan are welcoming with Indian hospitality. On tour to Rajasthan, you can see the colorful costume of people there. You can witness great range of artifacts and handicrafts and you can choose one for yourself as a souvenir.

You will get to witness flora and fauna of Rajasthan. There are number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks to visit on you tour to Rajasthan. Mesmerizing Thar Desert belt charms with a rare and marvelous sight. Rajasthan is a vibrant destination, where you can have a tour. Stay at a heritage palace, enjoy an elephant ride or a camel safari, and see spectacular sunsets.

Rustic, folk dance and music of Rajasthan will offer you unforgettable moments. Delectable cuisine of Rajasthan is the most enriching part of Rajasthan tour. There are uncountable number of delicacies and specialties from Rajasthan menu. As for accommodation, you can choose from the deluxe hotels, first class hotels, heritage hotels, budget hotels and economy hotels also. For people who want to savor the taste of Rajasthan Royalty can go for hotels in palaces.


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