From Distress to Destress

Every human being is under certain amount of stress. This is particularly true with regard to professionals, executives and students for they are ever after perfection. Keeping this in mind a unique course for today's executives and professionals has been developed over years of intensive experience. Yoga is ideal for administrators, management experts, executives and even for the normal man,which deals with stress management through time tested relaxation techniques. Based on the theory " ACTION IN RELAXATION WITH INTERNAL AWARENESS", yoga helps to acquire higher efficiency, improved concentration, increased potential and above all BETTER HEALTH- POSITIVE HEALTH and a STRESS FREE SOCIETY.

The yoga therapy module concretizes basic principles of Vedanta and focuses upon sole objective - calming down of mind. Basic Asanas, Chants, Rhythmic breathing practices, Sukshma Vyayama, Shithilikarana Vyayama, Pranayama, Dharma and deep advanced relaxation techniques are the multidimensional facets of Yoga to manage stress and anxiety.

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