Dear Travelers:

Thank you for your interest in Maria Deep Travel co. We are pleased to have the opportunity to share our world of natural wonders with you. Since the dawn of time, travelers have come to India. They have come in groups like the Greeks, the Romans, the Persians the Portuguese, the French the Dutch and the British. Or as individuals lock Macro Polo, Mark Twain, E.M. foster and Paul Theroux (Christopher Columbus, in fact was looking for as alternate use to India when he stumbled upon America).But whether they came in search of adventure or spiritual enlightenment they all had one thing in common. India changed their lives forever.

Today you can follow in the foot step of these travelers. You can marvel at the same sights they show and be dazzled by the same brilliant colors. You too will receive the same warm well come that’s been 5,000 years in making. You too will discover that a trip to India is much more than a vacation, it’s a travel experience that will last a life time .And when it comes to organize your trip, you have an advantage overall these ancient travelers .

We invite you to experience, force that still echo fast glories that still shimmer with grandeur love, still in passionate embrace in stone, forests, with wild life in natural display. In well organized, well planned all take care of package tours. At price that will surprise you, Which include travel by rail, transportation by deluxe coaches, accommodation with full board. In log hut to take in the wild life.  Hotels having all modern amenities. Palace hotels with touch of regal luxury.

We are pleased to offer you our newest brochure featuring a variety of popular package tours in hosting the central India. For information and reservation, please contact our tour specialists in India France and England. Thanks for your past co-operation.

Pradeep Parashar

Managing Director  

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