Welcome to World Ways Travel Co. India We are specialized in Guided Tour packages,Airport transfer, City tour, Excurtion trips,hotel booking, Railway station transfer.
At Enchanting-India, we are passionate about delivering an authentic travel experience that allows you to feel and appreciate India for all her beauty and history. With worldwide offices, cross-cultural teams who genuinely care about our guests, and a physical presence in India, we integrate our travel consulting knowledge and operational strengths to create unforgettable journeys. By perfecting your arrangements from our first interaction until your flight home, you'll see India through your own lens and digest all the sights and sounds that make India, India. As one of the fastest growing global travel companies specializing in tailor-made travel, we have already welcomed thousands guests to India.

Heritage and Culture

Travel Rajasthan and other historic regions and visit fascinating palaces, monuments, temples and villages to experience the rich and diverse culture, heritage and history of India and her people. Interact with village craftsmen, fish with local fishermen, cruise down holy rivers to watch pilgrims worship or dine with Maharajas and get a taste of this vibrant 5,000 year old civilization.  

Ayurveda and Wellness

Rejuvenate yourself by indulging your mind, body and soul with our health and wellness offerings which include the age-old Indian traditions of Ayurveda and other massages treatments, yoga, and meditation. Or spend a week at a mountain spa retreat with uninterrupted views of the Himalayan peaks while enjoying a traditional Balinese massage or a healing herbal body wrap!

Nature and Wildlife

Discover India’s magnificent wildlife and breathtaking landscapes by venturing into one of its thrilling wildlife parks. This country’s varied habitats are home to hundreds of types of flora and fauna that will leave you mesmerized. Enjoy tiger safaris, luxury tented accommodation, bush breakfasts, and encounters with wild elephants from your private jeep on our exciting wildlife itineraries. 

Special Interests

Do you have a hobby or special interest in, for example, Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, Cooking or rafting? Home to every possible landscape, all major religions of the world, over a dozen official languages and a variety of delicious cuisines, India is bound to captivate your imagination and we can help you realize your own personalized dream holiday, backed by our professional care and advice. 

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